Rhino Exteriors work with a range of proven performance roofing systems that offer durability and meet a range of financial and practical requirements.

Standing Seam
Primarily a profiled metal system, Kalzip’s technology offers the freedom to create curved and waveform designs for the more elaborate of projects.

Composite Panels
A  pre-layered roofing system that incorporates the lining, insulation and top sheet all in one panel, this solution offers a fast, durable and economical solution to a range of industrial and commercial projects. Tata, Ruukki, Trimo and Kingspan are composite systems that Rhino use regularly.

Single ply
A lightweight system that consists of a thick PVC membrane that can be bonded, mechanically fastened or laid loose to even the most complex shaped roofs. Rhino regularly utilise the Sarnafil and Fatra systems.

Liquid Systems
A one-stop solution for total waterproofing and protection, this option offers seamless coverage of flat roofs. This solution is ideal for areas where hot works are an issue. Proteus Waterproofing and Euro Polymers are just two of the branded liquid systems that Rhino regularly use.

Hot Melt
A lightweight, tough and flexible system that incorporates modified bitumen and synthetic rubbers. Bonded to concrete substrates, this solution offered by IKO and Hydrotech is regularly used in conjunction with green roofs.

Mansafe systems
Rhino regularly install fall protection systems to roofs to enable the safety of workers operating at height. Each system that we use complies with safety legislation and importantly doesn’t damage the integrity of the roof itself.